#sol19 March 6 Whither the comments?

Chasing stats and likes and retweets can be exhausting but for 2 days in a row I haven’t had a comment on my posts.

It reminds me of being in high school, obsessively checking the voice mail. Did someone call? Was there a call waiting beep?

My kids ask me how many likes my tweets get. Ten is pretty good for me. They aren’t impressed so I explain that I’m not Taylor Swift. They remain unimpressed.

I hope this post gets a peek. I am getting to posting it earlier!




6 thoughts on “#sol19 March 6 Whither the comments?

  1. I wrote a whole post last year about how to get more comments! Here are a few of my favorite tips: Post earlier in the day. Make sure you leave a teaser or even just a statement of what your post is about rather than just dropping the link. Respond to all the comments on your blog. And leave a ton of comments on other blogs. Prolific commenting is the key to getting comments on your own site, I think. That should help a lot! It can be disappointing to write and not know if you’re being read!


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