#sol19 March 4 Long Term Love

I love reading about long marriages. Someone I follow on Twitter had tweeted out that she was down a rabbit hole of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman photos. I had no choice but to jump down there with her.

Like I said, I love reading about long marriages. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy reading obituaries. Obituaries are full of details of long marriages. There is something inspiring about people who have made the daily choice to stay together, despite the odds against a successful marriage.

I don’t believe in soul mates. I don’t think there is one person destined just for me. My husband isn’t a believer either. Which means that both of us fully acknowledge that there are several other people with whom we could be compatible, and yet we choose each other.

It’s a choice we’ve been making since 2005. He’s my best friend and my favourite person on Earth. I would take a bullet for our children, but there is nobody I would rather spend time with than him. I hope that in four decades we are still laughing together, chatting in the dark, and sharing a life.


Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward https://wp.me/p2YZWt-88



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