Last Post #sol18


I imagine a lot of slicers use this final post of the month to reflect on the experience. It’s my first time slicing, so I’m going to to do just that.

It’s been a slice (okay, I just wanted to do that once). Really, except for a couple of days when I dragged my laptop out at 10:30 to finish a slice and upload it before the deadline, I’ve really enjoyed blogging this month. I hope I continue to do so, maybe not every day, but regularly enough.

My other goal is to make this blog more public to people who know me in analog. Part of my job is to support English teachers, and becoming more of a writer myself has been part of the process of doing that job better. I used to write a lot more than I do now and I definitely lost some confidence in myself as a writer. This month has really boosted my sense of my writing self. I hope to continue to grow in that way.

I have also really enjoyed reading other people’s slices and I will continue to check in on the writers I am now following.

Thanks to everyone who participated here and for the organizers. I will be back next year!

6 thoughts on “Last Post #sol18

  1. I agree!
    How honest, to open yourself up as a writer to those teachers you are trying to help.
    I’m so glad to read that this month brought back confidence in yourself as a writer. It takes practice, right? Like muscles- use it or lose it. Keep going. Have you read Elizabeth Ellington’s post recommended in the intro today?
    It gives lots of ideas on how to keep going. And of course there’s TWT’s Tuesday challenge. I’ll look for you !


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