Blooming for Spring #sol18

When I started my job my new boss gave me an orchid. I have a long history of not doing well with plants. I diligently watered it once a week like the instructions said, left it in the sunny window, and otherwise left it alone.


It was beautiful for the first 3 months and then it started to wilt. By the time I returned home from Christmas holidays it had no blooms left. It wasn’t looking good.

I kept at my watering regime. Every Monday I carried it out to the sink. One week I forgot to empty the water and it sat for a day and a half in a pile of water. I was sure I had drowned it.

Alas, sometime in early March I saw some buds of hope. A new branch was poking out and I could see green for the first time in awhile.

I took a chance and left it on the window sill over the March Break. When I returned there were five buds! Proudly I showed off my greenery skills to the office. People admitted that they thought I was delusional carrying that orchid to the sink every Monday.

A few days later the orchid bloomed again. Every morning when I come in there seems to be a new bloom.

Not only does the orchid brighten up an otherwise banal view, it is a testament to perseverance. I stuck with my orchid, even when it looked like the cause was lost. When I look at the blooms I see the cycle of our lives here in Northern climates. The winter is about survival; stick with it to get through to when we can bloom again.




4 thoughts on “Blooming for Spring #sol18

  1. That’s orchids for you! You water them a small amount once or twice a week, get them a window with indirect sunlight and leave them there, and after 4 or 5 months, they rebloom! Have a great time with your orchid:-)

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  2. This is so fun and such a great lesson with your comparison on winter. I can so identify with your lack of growing skills (I can’t grow anything properly), but still not giving up. Life is all about perseverance and now you have a beautiful plant to vouch for that!

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  3. I have a tree that sat in a pot longer than it should have. Drought struck, and after neglecting it way too long I set it aside to throw away later. Spring came, and the tree was still alive! Nature is full of miracles! Thanks for a great slice. 🙂


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