Streak Ended #sol18

I woke up this morning, early, ready to go to Boot Camp (fitness, not the real thing) and the first thing I see is my laptop and it strikes me that my slicing streak has come to an end. I fell asleep last night on the couch and didn’t do my blog post!

I’ll post two today. I should have been inspired to write yesterday. I got to experience Scientist in the School for the first time. My youngest had the program in her class and I was a volunteer. I had no idea what to expect. I thought I would be wandering around helping out here and there. It turns out I was teaching a station! Luckily everything was laid out really well. I’m pretty science ignorant. I’m not really proud of that, but I got through science memorizing stuff until Grade 11 when you actually had to understand the concepts and then I was out.

The kids were learning about energy and they seemed to have a really good time. I was busy all afternoon and didn’t get a chance to see my daughter “in action” as much as I would have liked, but I did enjoy putting faces to all the names she mentions.

Her teacher asked, with a laugh, if I was now considering a move to elementary from secondary. I replied with a laugh. Although I did enjoy my different kind of day, little kids other than my own aren’t for me. I’m glad I participated, though!slice-of-life_individual


4 thoughts on “Streak Ended #sol18

  1. Sometimes it’s a nice reminder to do the thing you don’t feeled called to do…and realize you still don’t feel called to it! Sounds like a fun day in your daughter’s class, though.

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  2. I can’t imagine that elementary people are that different from secondary! Hahaha, smaller chairs, smaller problems, smaller attention spans (well, maybe not), just smaller, right! I enjoyed your post, you brought me right into your day. I remember going into my own children’s school events, this line is so true, “I did enjoy putting faces to all the names she mentions.” They live this whole other world and sometimes we get to be that fly on the wall.

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