Fortnite #sol18

I’m not feeling very inspired today so I asked my son for inspiration. He told me to write about Fortnite. I just gave him Newsela’s article about Drake playing Fortnite. “He’s going to tilted towers,” he said. Break time . . . he’s reading the article now.

Interlude: I love seeing my children read. I got to read alongside my daughter last night. She was reading A Boy Named Queen, nominated for a Silver Birch Express award and I was reading The Marrow Thieves, nominated for a White Pine award. Both of those are part of the “forest of reading” that the Ontario Librarian’s Association sponsors every year. I’m excited because Cherie Dimaline, the author of The Marrow Thieves is presenting a workshop to some of our students and teachers in May.

Back from the article . . . my youngest daughter just got back from mailing herself to Toys R Us. Apparently it was a bit wobbly but she made it back safely. Toys R Us is still a going concern up here in Canada.

Okay…more about Fortnite. Seems like there is a lot of hesitation to share details beyond, “I don’t know”. Distracted by making a plasticine snake.  It’s a cobra and looks pretty good.

Observations: “I got my first win on March break. I play with my friend [friend has the same name]. The Legendary Scar is my favourite weapon. My second is the Legendary Rocket Launcher. [Aside – what makes them so legendary?].  They’re stronger than epics or rares. [Yes, that explains it all]. My third is the Bolt Action Sniper. Drake plays Fortnite. Ninja is a very good player.  People at my school say he has a special move where he builds a stair, shoots someone with a pump action, throws a pulse grenade and blows himself up in the air, turns around, and pumps the guy again to finish him off. [My husband has just asked if I’ve regretted this topic yet.]


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