Slime Attack #sol18


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Slime, slime, slime. My children are obsessed with slime. We have Tupperware containers throughout the house filled with all sorts of colourful concoctions. I have gone out to buy eye contact solution to act as an activator, vacuumed up little styrofoam balls, and lived with the smell of shaving cream in my kitchen.

I see slime oozing over my counters and sometimes I imagine it growing, enveloping our house at night.

I didn’t realize how widespread the slime was until this video popped up on my feed:

Slime After Slime Parody

When my daughter talked me into buying more glue and I went to Michael’s, they had a slime making display right at the front of the store. Rainbow Loom is so 2015. It’s all about the slime now. They even had slime camp on the March Break.

I know this fad will pass, like Minecraft and the desire for fidget spinners. Until then, I’m buying glue by the gallon and cleaning shaving cream off my kitchen table.


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