March Break #sol18

15205615441371491969465.jpgI’m on March Break for the next week so I should have lots of time to write and tackle my reading pile. I usually bring home a pile of marking over the break, but with my new position I have the luxury of no marking.

My husband is also finishing one job and isn’t starting another until the end of the month so for the first time in our fourteen year relationship he will be home during the March break.  So, we have lots to look forward to doing:

  1. playdates
  2. maple syrup festival
  3. swimming
  4. ringette games
  5. too much screen time
  6. lots of reading
  7. birthday parties
  8. Cubs winter camp
  9. art gallery visit
  10. book club
  11. slime making
  12. dance parties
  13. sleeping inslice-of-life_individual
  14. going to Timmies
  15. blog writing

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