Never Thought I’d Ever #sol18 2/31

Things I Never Thought I’d Say

“Have you fed your lizard today?” You can file that under things I never thought I’d say. The first time I bought crickets on my own I felt sick. Fifty squirming little bugs in a plastic bag and me screaming like a girl trying to get them into the cricket catcher. Curse my reading habit; I knew far too much about the cannabilistic critters.

Two years later I stand in PetSmart like a pro; “calcium or cardboard with those?”. I casually reply, “Calcium” barely looking up from my Twitter Feed. It’s funny what Mums can get used to.

“You’re on the ice at 7:15 tomorrow morning so it’s time to get to bed,” I tell my 8 year old, the ringette player. Three years ago I vaguely knew what ringette was; a game other girls played growing up. I might have spent a lot of time in rinks growing up but always as my father’s shadow as he went about hockey business. Never pounding the glass, certainly never raising my voice or jumping up and down to celebrate a game winning goal.

Three years ago I hesitated about her joining a travelling team. “She’s only 6 years old.” Now the score tracking website is the first thing that pops up in my browser window. It’s thrilling where new adventures take us.

“I think you’re right – we should go ahead and have a third kid.” The first baby blows your world apart. The second makes things infinitely harder. The third sidles in nicely, like she was always there. The glossy topcoat on a painting you didn’t realize could get even better. A perfectly symmetrical beauty with a devilish temper.

“Is Flo Rida’s Pitbull an acceptable thing to write as her favourite song on the kindergarten intake survey?” Yep, it’s amazing what a Mum can get used to.




5 thoughts on “Never Thought I’d Ever #sol18 2/31

  1. Very sweet slice–glad for the technical difficulties of yesterday, because I might have missed it. Glad I got to it this morning. My favorite part was your description of having a third child–I couldn’t agree more. My third just slipped right here like he always belonged as well. All day I know your words will be percolating in my brain; I’ll be thinking, “What have I never expected to say?”


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